George Gervin Rumors

The 62-year-old Gervin had two immediate reactions when he learned of Thompson’s incredible feat. First: “I said, ‘Wowwwww, that’s pretty impressive.'” Then: “But I’d like to see him try to get 33 or 37 in a quarter when there wasn’t no three-point line.” Within seconds, Gervin’s friendly baritone gives way to a hearty, mischievous chuckle. The former high flyer and Hall of Famer, who still answers to the nickname Iceman, is speaking from pride, not bitterness, with an eye toward historical accuracy.
via Bleacher Report
Former ABA players Julius Erving, David Thompson and Gervin won All-Star MVP awards in three of the first four years after the NBA-ABA merger in 1976. “I think I was kind of an unknown,” Gervin, a four-time ABA All-Star, said Tuesday of his first NBA All-Star Game. “We played against a lot of the NBA guys in the summertime, so they knew that we could play. We always had something to prove because you are coming into a new league, you want to show everyone that you can play. Guys like myself, Doc, David Thompson, we kind of took charge. “I guess after three or four years they were convinced that we belonged.”
via New York Daily News