George Gervin Rumors

It was, by any measure, an electrifying, unfathomable performance, worthy of praise and a place in the history books. Just not the same history books that Gervin occupies, at least according to Gervin. “I don’t feel—and it’s funny, everybody laughs—I don’t feel he broke my record,” Gervin told Bleacher Report in a phone interview. “I feel he set a new record. He set a new record for the new NBA.”
The 62-year-old Gervin had two immediate reactions when he learned of Thompson’s incredible feat. First: “I said, ‘Wowwwww, that’s pretty impressive.'” Then: “But I’d like to see him try to get 33 or 37 in a quarter when there wasn’t no three-point line.” Within seconds, Gervin’s friendly baritone gives way to a hearty, mischievous chuckle. The former high flyer and Hall of Famer, who still answers to the nickname Iceman, is speaking from pride, not bitterness, with an eye toward historical accuracy.
Former ABA players Julius Erving, David Thompson and Gervin won All-Star MVP awards in three of the first four years after the NBA-ABA merger in 1976. “I think I was kind of an unknown,” Gervin, a four-time ABA All-Star, said Tuesday of his first NBA All-Star Game. “We played against a lot of the NBA guys in the summertime, so they knew that we could play. We always had something to prove because you are coming into a new league, you want to show everyone that you can play. Guys like myself, Doc, David Thompson, we kind of took charge. “I guess after three or four years they were convinced that we belonged.”
Fresh off his speech to a troop of local Boy Scouts, Spurs legend George Gervin was asked about his similarities to NBA scoring leader Kevin Durant. […] “He’s a phenom,” said George Gervin, 61. “A guy his size, can put the ball on the floor, shoot the ball as well as he can, it makes him unstoppable. People do compare him with me. I hear it a lot. But the only reason is because he’s slim, he can put the ball on the floor and he can score. He scores differently than I did. Shoots deeper. Three, four inches taller. Unstoppable. Only guy who can stop him is him. I wasn’t bad. That was a long time ago, you know. I’m real comfortable with my career. But he’s special. I’m glad to be around to still be compared.”
The Nets understandably had high praise for Durant, the hottest player in the NBA averaging 37 points in January on 54 percent shooting. ““He’s George Gervin and Dirk all mixed into one,” Kidd said. “He’s 7-feet so he can put the ball on the floor. He’s shown that he can rebound and pass, so he’s the total package.” Williams said Durant is the best scorer in the league. “He’s a 6-11 shooting guard, quick and fast, good in transition. You contest his shot, it doesn’t really effect him. He can post up. He doesn’t have a weakness offensively.”
Gervin is involved in eight different projects around the community, including a charter school that had 1,500 students last school year. But Gervin is just as proud of his 14-year-old granddaughter, whom he proudly notes is an honor student. “We learned that from the Spurs and how special they were in this community,” Gervin said. “Family is everything. It means the world to me. The franchise and the people who work with it are all a family, too.”
Now it’s Tim Duncan and his two children. Or Manu Ginobili, who is accompanied at almost every home game by his 3-year-old twin boys, who were rummaging around the bowels of the AT&T Center on Thursday night in their footed pajamas. “San Antonio is a beautiful place to live,” Gervin said. “And it’s a great family town. It’s a great franchise and the Spurs understood long ago that we had to make the community a big part of our franchise.”
Me: How old were you when you worked out with George Gervin? TH: I was about seventh grade. I might have been 13, 14 … that was my dad’s, he was his agent at the time. Basically, we just worked out. It was a great experience for me, just to learn. Each summer I worked with him a bit also, so it was just great. Me: What did you learn from him? TH: Not the finger roll. But you can learn a lot from Gervin just by talking to him. You learn a lot about the game, how to approach the game, the mental aspects of it. He just taught me a lot of patented moves, moves that he had done during games.