George Karl Rumors

Allen, then 27, already was a three-time all-star and had led the NBA in three-pointers made the previous two seasons. He’d won an Olympic gold medal in 2000. He was a fan favorite, liked Milwaukee and was entrenched in the community. For whatever reason, Karl didn’t care for him. “The funny thing is, I never had any confrontation with George,” Allen said. “We never had arguments. It was always, ‘George doesn’t like you.’ I was hearing this from other people. Why? I think he didn’t like the way I was, the type of person I was. There was a Sports Illustrated article about me that said I wore a suit to games, and Karl said I cared more about being cool than being tough. Ultimately, he just didn’t like me.”
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That was the deal-maker, the Divac proclamation. The Kings were unwilling to invest an estimated $200 million in a Cousins extension and no longer content to half-step the rebuilding process. They were all in. The owners, the front office executives, the picks and the shovels. “In some respects, I was relieved,” Divac said. “When I got here (February 2015), and then Pete (D’Alessandro) left just before the draft, I wanted to study everything and not make quick decisions I would regret. I put myself into working with George (Karl), DeMarcus. But when I realized it wasn’t going to work, I thought, ‘Go young and start over.’
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