Gersson Rosas Rumors

And in terms of pure volume, it appears that number may increase, if the recent NBA Draft is any indication. Fifteen of the 30 first-round picks were foreign-born, including top overall pick Ben Simmons, of Australia, a country that competed well (finishing fourth) in the Olympics without him. “I think it’s a sign of what’s to come,” Rosas said. “I think we’re headed to a continued growth of global basketball talent that is going to fill the NBA. I think you’re going to see the impact, even at a higher level, of players like Pau Gasol in Spain. [Andrew] Bogut and [Patty] Mills in Australia. The guys who are playing in Serbia and Lithuania. I think the NBA is very open-minded. San Antonio has had a ton of success with international players. The competition is good. It’s good for our sport.”