Gheorghe Muresan Rumors

Samuel Deguara is 24 years old, 310 pounds and 7-foot-5 inches tall. He is the tallest man in his home country of Malta, the Mediterranean archipelago, where, according to a national food consumption survey, the average male is closer to 5-foot-7. He is also the tallest man in Italy, where he signed his first pro basketball contract at age 16. We can assume that he’s the tallest person in the Canadian border town, of Thorold, Ontario, which sits about 10 miles from Niagara Falls. That is where Deguara is currently scrolling through an iPad at a restaurant table, reading about Gheorghe Muresan, the former skyscraper of an NBA center and Billy Crystal’s towering co-star in the late 1990s dramedy My Giant.
2 years ago via VICE
Your best year was 1995-96 when you were named the NBA’s Most Improved Player. What was your recollection of that season? Gheorghe Muresan: I was working like crazy to be a good player. It made me feel and good that my work was appreciated. I feel I accomplished something. I had a very good season that year and was in very good shape and took care of my body. The key to being a good player is to take care of yourself. I had my wife with me and I didn’t chase girls. Chasing girls will get you tired. I have seen a lot of players get tired from late nights chasing girls.