Gheorghe Muresan Rumors

Your best year was 1995-96 when you were named the NBA’s Most Improved Player. What was your recollection of that season? Gheorghe Muresan: I was working like crazy to be a good player. It made me feel and good that my work was appreciated. I feel I accomplished something. I had a very good season that year and was in very good shape and took care of my body. The key to being a good player is to take care of yourself. I had my wife with me and I didn’t chase girls. Chasing girls will get you tired. I have seen a lot of players get tired from late nights chasing girls.
If you were on the fence about renting a suite at Verizon Center for a Wizards game, maybe this offer can push you over the fence. Like, in one big step. You could just stride right over that fence. See, it turns out that by renting a suite for $2,500, you get not only the $500 food and beverage credit and the complimentary Wizards hats; you also get to hang with Gheorghe Muresan. Thanks to Reader Mike for passing along this offer.