Giannis Antetokoumpo Rumors

To understand how Antetokounmpo’s form gives way to function, we recently spent a day measuring the 6-foot-11 forward, then asked Marcus Elliott, M.D., the founder of P3 Applied Sports Science, a training center that specializes in advanced athlete assessment, to help break him down. Welcome to our tour of the NBA’s ideal body. Wingspan: Basketball is a game of angles; a defender isn’t so much guarding his man as he is reducing the size of his angle to drive to the basket or pass to teammates. That’s where wingspan factors in for Antetokounmpo, whose outstretched arms measure 7-foot-3, 4 inches more than his height. “If you have long arms, it allows you to get places faster, without having to move your feet or your center of mass,” Elliott says. Antetokounmpo ranks in the top 10 in rebound rate among small forwards. The leader? Quincy Acy, whose wingspan is 9 inches longer than his height.
Achilles: The Bucks measured Antetokounmpo’s Achilles tendon from the back of the heel to the belly of the calf, and, at 13.5 inches (almost double the length of the average adult male’s), well: “I have never seen an Achilles like his,” Flanagan says. Many sports scientists believe a long Achilles means more efficient storage and release of elastic energy. That translates to acceleration and explosive movement-exactly the sort of traits that enable Antetokounmpo to, oh, say, burst almost the entire length of the floor in two dribbles. (Seriously. Google it.) So much for Antetokounmpo’s having an Achilles’ heel.
In their old Athens neighborhood of Sepolia Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo played once again a pick up basketball game in the open gym of Triton, where they learned the sport. Dozens of local residents gathered around them and also had the chance to play with them, like their old friends and teammates Sokratis Psaropoulos and Kanelos Garbis. After the game which was announced by the brothers themselves via social media, Giannis said: “I want to thank every one and all the kids who came to see us. We will try to do it every year in order to have fun with out friends and remember old times. I will always miss my neighborhood. Two days after the playoffs I am back here. That says everything”.