Golden State Rumors

Kyle Wiltjer: In 2012, I was able to visit the White House for being apart of a national championship team. It was a moment I’ll never forget. Not only did I get to go a place with so much history but I got to meet an incredible leader who instilled hope and unity. I’ll never forget when he knew every person on this team on a first name basis, from the starters to the walk ons. It’s a shame that some of these amazing players have to miss out on this opportunity because of the ignorance of the man that is now in charge. Respect to UNC and Golden State for standing up for the values they believe in. 🏀

Nick Young fielded interest from the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans after free agency began at 9:01 pm PT on Friday, according to league sources familiar with the situation. Though the Lakers also contacted Young’s representatives during that time period, both the Lakers and Young have conflicting agendas that suggest the end of their four-year tenure together.
Golden State never recovered. The champagne the Warriors sprayed everywhere after Game 6 in 2015 will have to go back with them to the Bay. “I didn’t hear it, but some of the other guys heard it and told me that that they wanted to celebrate on our floor once again and they wanted to spray champagne in our locker rooms, and I think it came from Draymond, which is OK, that’s Dray anyway,” James said. “So I just told guys, I didn’t stress anything besides just live in the moment. Live in the moment.”
When you talked with Durant on the phone last July, did you mention that you thought he could be in this spot, about to win a championship? Jerry West: I did not talk about that. Only thing I said to him, his all-around game, people will start to appreciate that. And this is what was hidden. He’s unbelievably prideful, he is classy. He’s one of the classiest stars I’ve ever seen in my life. I just said to him, his all-around greatness as a player would come out playing with this team.
Jerry West: And to come here and have all the crap that was put on him, ‘Can’t believe he would do this’ … That was so stupid. For anyone to say that, they should be embarrassed. He had a choice to make. If he had gone back to Oklahoma City and they had lost… then what would people say? If the Lakers got him, would people be complaining like this? No. If Boston got him, would people be complaining? The answer is no.