Gran Canaria Rumors

BJ&B: What was it like when you first arrived there and thought, ‘This is where my basketball career has taken me’? Hollins: I can say that this experience, and leading up to it, has been like no other. I have felt an array of emotions from joy, anxiety, frustration, to pure bliss. There’s nothing like waiting for a new job; or even bigger, a new place to live! It’s like the first day of school on steroids. Coming from the NBA and knowing that I cannot just still play, and (knowing) I have my health and a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t have in my 20’s, kills me. I know I’m better than half the (NBA) centers with jobs right now. All of that, while sitting out on the beach enjoying a full course meal. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this what (my) life is really supposed to be like?”
Storyline: Ryan Hollins Free Agency
BJ&B: What in the international game would you like to see in the NBA? Ryan Hollins: The team aspect, where if a guy is open he gets the ball. Offense over here works like this: whatever coverage the other team is in, the players are supposed to react as a team, rather than one guy working to get his numbers. But, there’s also a fine line because I also believe in the NBA approach where, whenever there’s a favorable matchup, you have to abuse it. I love the passion from the fans here; they are so wild at times it almost looks like a soccer match. They’re blowing horns, screaming and I’ve even heard of fans throwing objects on the court. I also like how hard the players play here, but you have to realize there’s more subbing going on, there are only two games a week and it’s a basketball culture that doesn’t know any better.