Gregg Popovich Rumors

That is what the Spurs are and have been for some time. The culture Popovich has established is why veterans like David West in 2015 and now Gay left significant money on the table to join the fold, why Duncan held on until he was 40, Ginobili has done the same and Parker is begging to follow. Players and coaches speak of “The System” when it’s actually a long-preached philosophy that involves sacrificing for the good of the team, trust and instilling confidence. Believing in what you have allows role players to take the occasional star turns and the really talented players like Leonard to ascend to unexpected heights among the league’s best. “First of all, guys understand the system of what we’re trying to do here, and executing their role. Guys are not trying to do too much, or too little,” Patty Mills told Yahoo Sports. “We’re getting good wins, and even when we do lose, they tend to be mistakes that we can fix. When [Leonard] comes back, we’re obviously going to have to adjust, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But so far this season, it’s been a team effort. Obviously, [Aldridge] has been carrying a huge part of the weight, but everybody else complements and understands what they need to do, so it’s a good way to feel for sure.”
Stan Van Gundy, Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich are the NBA’s most outspoken coaches, not hesitant to voice their opinions on social issues and not concerned about any controversy that might result. “Steve and I have texted back and forth on several occasions when things come up, a lot of times to say, ‘Wow, wasn’t it great what Pops said!’ ” Van Gundy said Friday, before his Detroit Pistons faced Kerr’s Golden State Warriors at Little Caesars Arena.