Hall of Fame Rumors

Did you dream of one day making the Hall of Fame? Jason Kidd: As a coach, you’re always in the present. But people have brought it up to me with the expectation of being in the Hall of Fame, being one of the candidates. It would be an honor being one of the candidates for hopefully doing the right thing on the court. As a kid, you dream about winning. Well, at least the great ones do. You don’t see yourself being old as a kid. You don’t see yourself retiring. You see yourself trying to win, hold the trophy and get the ring, whatever it may be. You never really think, ‘Am I playing to be in the Hall of Fame?’ I was inducted at Cal this summer. You don’t think about the Hall of Fame. You think about, ‘How can I help a program win?’ What happens in life as you get older you can get recognized for something you have done right. It’s great, because all the hard work you put in at the gym and the playground, as you get older, you can share some of those experiences with your family.
Spoelstra sees that as a future Hall of Famer sacrificing for the good of the team, something Wade did in Miami when James joined the team by conceding his Alpha Dog status to James. “I’ll be telling stories about Dwyane 20 years from now to young players on what it really means to do whatever’s necessary to win,” Spoelstra said. “And Dwyane has proven that time and time again. “It’s such a great lesson for young players in this league that winning is the most important thing and that’s what Dwyane embodies.”
Stephon Marbury is serious about attempting a comeback to the NBA at the age of 40. But even though he’s stil playing, he firmly believes he has solidified his Hall of Fame credentials because of his career in China and the United States. “My numbers are Hall of Fame. That’s it,” Marbury told SI Now. “That’s what it comes down to and what you’ve done,” he added. “My mark on basketball globally is beyond – it’s never been done before. Something that’s never been done before obviously, you have to show homage to that.”
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