Hall of Fame Rumors

There were too many flagrant fouls, though. He was, he admits, “dysfunctional in the locker room.” And, of course, he was at the center of the 2004 “Malice at the Palace” brawl against the Detroit Pistons when he played for the Pacers, a reputation-staining incident that he’ll almost certainly never shake. For as good as he was, World Peace was just as volatile and, as a result, he never played with any team longer than five years. “I had to play on other people’s teams so my average went down, my stats went down, less All-Stars, less All-Defensive teams,” he said.
Popovich is a five-time NBA champion and will be 70 years old at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. He’s always considered things in an orderly way, how everything coordinates into his job coaching the Spurs. People wonder: Why isn’t he in the Naismith Hall of Fame yet? Because Popovich hasn’t wanted the Spurs to nominate him for the honor, believing the franchise should wait until minimally Tim Duncan’s era has ended, or Popovich has retired, sources told Yahoo. Popovich doesn’t want it to deflect attention of his players and program.
As a coach, Heinsohn won NBA titles in 1974 and ’76, and finished with a .619 winning percentage in 8½ seasons. “I had fun coaching,” he told the Globe. “I loved management before I coached. I was in the management end of the life insurance business. I managed an agency for four years, managing and training supervisors. And when the opportunity came to coach, I jumped at it because I’d be dealing with more motivated people. Being a coach becomes very political after awhile. That was not my forte.”