Halloween Rumors

When it’s not enforcing a dress code, tightening up the technical foul rules or threatening contraction, the NBA can be a pretty fun place. This year, players, mascots, cheerleaders and fans all got into the Halloween spirit, dressing up before, during and after games. NBA stars like Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Shaquille O’Neal got into the act, and Shaq easily takes home top honors for his bold attempt at cross-dressing as “Shaqueeta.” Let’s have a look.
via CBSSports.com
Apparently this Celtics team really buys into the Halloween tradition. Given the strong personalities that are present on the team, I guess that shouldn’t totally shock us. A number of costumes have been revealed via Twitter. Here’s who we’ve seen so far (All links will bring you to pictures of the players in their costumes): Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett (and David Ortiz for good measure). Pierce and his family appeared to go with a ‘Princess and the Frog’ theme. I’m not sure if Allen and KG are identifiable characters or not. You be the judge. Jermaine O’Neal’s sporting the Mr. T look. And here’s Shaq, or, “Shaqeeta”, I guess. Hilarious, either way. Shaq also just posted this very funny video of ‘Shaqeeta’ lip syncing ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Beyonce.
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