Harlem Globetrotters Rumors

Harlem Globetrotters Zeus McClurkin and Dizzy English hit the hardwood in Oakland to show Klay how to get wet from 4-point distance (30 FEET) … but it looked like the Splash Bro had it covered. The best part of the vid was definitely when Zeus asked Klay if he thought the NBA should add a 4-point line. Thompson’s answer — “I think it would only really benefit us.”
You played your rookie year alongside Meadowlark Lemon. What are your fondest memories of him as a teammate? Lou Dunbar: It was great playing with someone that you had idolized on television. He definitely revolutionized our showmanship and was just all around a great guy. I remember when he would do his hook shot and make the crowd go crazy. He was definitely the star.
You’ve also been an animated cartoon character, in Hanna-Barbera’s The Super Globetrotters in 1979. What was that like? Lou Dunbar: That was a pretty big deal. I was the guy who pulled stuff out of my Afro. I will never forget one of the episodes, when we were traveling in the Middle East and this merchant had given us a ride on his wagon. When we got to our destination he wanted to get paid. He didn’t ask for money. He wanted three pigs, five chickens and a cow. So I reached into my Afro and pulled the animals out. Nate Branch, one of my teammates, looked at me and said, “Sweet Lou, you’re better than travelers’ checks.”