Hersey Hawkins Rumors

MassLive: Can you describe your current job with the Portland Trail Blazers? Hersey Hawkins: I’m the director of Player Programs. I deal strictly with the players and a lot of their off-the-court stuff…Mentoring, helping them. I deal with their families, their agents, pretty much whatever I can do to help make their job a little easier for them to perform. Keep as few distractions in their life. The interesting thing about it is with 15 players, everybody has different needs. I get to work with everybody on whatever they need to be better.
In the fourth quarter, (Hersey) Hawkins stood wide open in front of the Bulls’ bench, ready to cut the lead to two with a 3. Hawkins put it up, not in. Chicago closed out the Sonics to win the championship. “That’s the one thing that you do well and that you’re paid to do,” Hawkins said. “Just short-armed it. I can see that shot that clearly and thinking . . . I can’t curse. “At that moment, at that time, to have that shot, and to miss it, was like . . .I‘ll think about that shot sometimes just in the middle of the night. Just laying around, sitting around. Thinking about basketball, my career and that shot comes to mind.”