High School Rumors

But honoring their dad, my Turner Sports colleague who died last December from multiple myeloma after a courageous three-year battle, was just beginning. In putting on this tournament, they hope to remind people of the person their dad was. “It’s pretty awesome to do something, and to talk about our dad, and to not have to talk about cancer for the first time since he got sick,” Kacy Sager said. “I’d rather you tell me you got drunk with him after a game or something.”
Bleacher Report: There’s been a lot of talk lately of the one-and-done rule being altered. You were one of the first to jump from high school. Do you see the eligibility rules being changed again? Kevin Garnett: No, I don’t see the rule changing. And if I do see the rule changing, the rule is going to be changed not for the betterment of college [players]. I think they would try to get the kids to stay a little longer. I think kids leaving early out of high school hurts the college game. You can do it in tennis; you can do it any other sport, leave early, but basketball [is] the most impactful game, the most recognizable game—so I understand the control or the ability to try and control it. Players are going to find ways to get through it, loop[hole] it.
On Tuesday, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski joined The Sidelines podcast and said he would welcome a change to the current rules in place. “I would be totally for, and have always been in favor, of kids being able go right to the pros and not putting any restrictions on them as to how long they have to stay,” Krzyzewski said. “I think that’s not right, but we also have to be in cooperation with the NBA, the Player’s Union.”
“If the kid did go straight out of high school do they have the resources to take care of that kid,” he added. “I think with the G-League developing the way it is, I think 26 out of the 30 NBA teams have an affiliation and to me I think each NBA team has to have it and I think they’re going to that. I’m all for the kid and the family.”