Ice Cube Rumors

Instead, the league’s founders chose to focus on what Iverson did do Sunday, meeting fans, signing autographs and creating a memorable moment for 76ers fans when he met with Erving on court before the game. “It was a night where the legend Dr J coached against another legend, Allen Iverson, with Dr. J winning that battle and going out on top,” Ice Cube said. “It was great to see those two legends embrace each other on the court. I think the fans really felt that moment between two guys who really had Philadelphia on their shoulders for so long. Of course we were disappointed that Allen couldn’t play. But this is professional sports, and it happens. Sometimes the guys we really want to go can’t go.”
Cube, has the BIG3 exceeded your expectations? Ice Cube: I wouldn’t say it exceeded my expectations—because I have high expectations for this league, higher than where we at now—but it’s definitely a great launch, it’s a great reception, great guys. The league is going to be as passionate and as serious as the players take it and they’ve shown us—even A.I.—that they really want to win. Which shows me that guys want to be the champions of the BIG3, and that to me is one of the most important things. Because if we can’t get our players invested, how can we get our fans invested? So, it’s just been remarkable that these guys who, come from all different kind of NBA pedigrees, and also guys who don’t need the money, still playing for each other, playing together, playing as a team and it’s just great, man, just to have guys playing basketball against their peers again.
“It’s important for the fans to know that I was all-in to be a coach,” Iverson begins to tell B/R Mag, after his Charlotte game, before bursting the hopes of cities anticipating the BIG3 arrival. “Me and Cube just thought it be cool for me to get on the floor for a little bit. But I’m not Allen Iverson at 25 no more. I’m 42 years old and been away from the game for six-seven years.” “So if you think you’re coming to a game to see The Answer, it’s not gonna happen.”
He’ll be coaching, and playing a little. That’s the real hook Sunday night at the Wells Fargo Center. Maybe Iverson didn’t like it when Larry Brown used to give him a rest, but he’ll be giving himself the hook. “I’m not going to go out there and be the 25-year-old Allen Iverson — you’re going to see a 42-year-old man out there,’’ Iverson said, sitting with Ice Cube Saturday afternoon. Instead of a press conference, the pair did a string of one-on-one interviews for 90 minutes. “But to be able to do that, for my fans, I thought that would be cool, just to get back out there again … for my fans to get that flashback.”
“Seeing these guys compete again, even if it’s just trash-talking for a W, here in Philadelphia, I think the fans are going to get a treat out of that,’’ Ice Cube said. “When you come to this arena and you see Allen Iverson and Dr. J, they’re usually in street clothes, they wave, and be an ambassador for the Sixers. When you come Sunday they will be competing forces against each other, trying to get a W. And both of them need a W bad.”