Igor Kokoskov Rumors

A serious car accident — a near-fatal head-on collision — changed all of that. Igor Kokoskov’s knee was mangled. His dreams of playing pro ball were shattered. His injuries took months to heal. As he lay in that hospital bed on many nights, he knew his playing days were finished. “I was still a teenager,” Kokoskov said. “It changed my life. I knew from that point on that I couldn’t play the game. But I was always in love with the game, so I told myself that I would stay in the game. I never had a doubt that I would stay in basketball, in some capacity.”
“He could’ve been a great player,” said Divac, who is currently the head of basketball operations for the Sacramento Kings. “He was an excellent player before the injuries. I’m glad he’s in the NBA. He’s a very intelligent coach, who has a great knowledge of basketball. We are close friends, and he’s very, very important to Serbian basketball. I’m very proud of him.”
Assistant coach Igor Kokoskov has been promoted, and will move to the front of the bench. Now entering his second season with the Jazz and 16th as an NBA assistant, Kokoskov’s previous experience includes stints with the Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers. He reached the Conference Finals six times with Detroit, advancing to two NBA Finals appearances, and captured an NBA title in 2004.