Injuries Rumors

Now he wants to get back to playing basketball with the Hawks. Sefolosha hasn’t fully recovered from the injuries apparently suffered when a police officer kicked his right leg. He has been cleared for all basketball activities and has participated in training camp before leaving this week for the trial. He hopes to be ready when the Hawks season opens later this month. “I hope I still have a long career,” he said.
Countless times over the years, a player whose ailment was never mentioned, or was consistently downplayed, ends up under anesthesia as soon as the season ends. Quentin Richardson, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers… the list goes on. So it’s natural to be skeptical about Hassan Whiteside’s calf issue, especially as day-to-day has become week-to-week. Still, there are good signs. Whiteside has not been incapacitated by the issue; he’s continued to do strength and conditioning work. And he said himself, prior to Sunday’s preseason opener, that he expected to return before the regular season, and get into at least a couple of preseason games.