Injury Rumors

Vincent Goodwill: Hoiberg: “With players and altercations, they happen a lot more than people think. he end result obviously is something you don’t deal with very often. Bobby’s a competitive player, Niko’s a competitive player. And things escalated and things happened and we dealt with it.”
Storyline: Tomas Satoransky Injury
Cousins is a much bigger human being than Matthews and nobody can predict how he’ll come back from a major injury like this. “But at the same time, he’s not like (high-flyers) Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan,” Matthews said. “He’s skill-based. But obviously, you’re going to lose a step for a little bit. And more than anything, it’s a mental game. I believe he’s got the mentality to deal with and be stronger from it. But it’s a long road. There’s no doubt about that.”