Isiah Thomas Rumors

VICE Sports: You’ve mentioned Thomas as a fringe MVP candidate before, where do you think he ranks among point guards in today’s league, and where would he actually land on your MVP ballot? Isiah Thomas: He’s definitely on the MVP ballot, with what he’s done for that Boston franchise, and the type of season that he’s had. His season has been just as good as the Hardens and the Westbrooks of the world. And the LeBrons of the world. You know all those guys have had spectacular seasons and they’ve lifted their teams up to spectacular heights over the course of this NBA season.
2 weeks ago via VICE
Thomas was asked if the game was officiated like it is today, where it seems physical play is more closely regulated (to say the least), how good would he be? Without hesitation, Thomas said, “I think it’s safe to say I would probably would have won two or three more championships. Because the rules favor the small guy. When I played, all the rules favored the bigger players, the offenses were designed for the big players around the basket, the way the officials officiated the game … favoring the bigger players. And the bigger players and wing players are what the game was advertising. Now, it’s about the point guards, it’s about the small players, all the rules favor the small players. And all the marketing and advertising are around the small players.”
Thomas continued: “I won in an era where all the rules favored the big guys, so if the rules were for the small guys, I think I would win more.” The former Pistons captain may have a point. During Thomas’ 13-year career, here are the list of NBA MVPs: 6-foot-9 Larry Bird (three times), 6-9 Magic Johnson (three times), 6-6 Michael Jordan (three times), 6-10 Moses Malone (twice), 6-4 power forward Charles Barkley and 7-0 Hakeem Olajuwon. In the last three seasons, 6-3 point guard Stephen Curry has won the last two MVPs, and this season’s award will likely go to 6-3 Russell Westbrook or 6-5 James Harden, who were both lead guards for their teams this season.