J.R. Smith Rumors

In an interview with Complex Magazine, Pierce added that he believed the Nets will eventually be the most popular team in New York. “Oh yeah. Right now it might be like 70-30 but we’re gonna push that the other way,” Pierce told the magazine. On Saturday, Smith said Pierce’s comments don’t necessarily rub him the wrong way, but he disagrees strongly with the idea that the Nets will eventually take over New York. “They’re in one borough, we’re all over. So it’s like, you’re on an island and we’ve got the whole country. So it’s nothing really to even talk about,” Smith said at a PGA Foundation golf clinic at Chelsea Piers for the New York/New Jersey Boys & Girls Club.
The Bucks definitely have J.R. Smith (New York) in their cross hairs. Smith, an explosive scoring shooting guard, would replace Monta Ellis, who is shopping his wares and is a cinch to sign with another team. Smith would prefer to remain with the Knicks, but will likely receive a more lucrative offer from another team like Milwaukee, Dallas or Phoenix, to name a few.