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Crawford signed a free agent deal with the Knicks 11 years ago and was one of then-President Isiah Thomas’ first signature moves. Crawford was eventually traded in Nov. 2008 to Golden State by Donnie Walsh as the Knicks began clearing cap space. Crawford has maintained close ties with several high ranking officials in the organization, including Garden Chairman James Dolan and Thomas, who currently runs the Liberty.
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In an appearance on Mike and Mike’s ESPN Radio show, Jackson was asked about his sentiment GM Steve Mills sat on the lottery dais because he’s the future and will be with the Knicks organization for the long term. Jackson said Monday he expects Mills to be his successor, but he isn’t close to bolting. “I have a five-year contract and I just finished year one,’’ Jackson said. “I anticipate it will take awhile to turn this around and I want to be here through that phase. That was my commitment with Jim Dolan. He was trying to find a brand for our franchise in which people know how we play and identify the style of ball we play. I’ve had part of that history of coaching in the NBA. It allows you to take players to fit into the system that works well and had success. As time goes on, I can allow Steve to take over the whole operation. I don’t anticipate that’s going to be a big deal.’’
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Were you consulted before Thomas was brought in? Phil Jackson: Jim Dolan had talked to us about it over dinner, maybe a month before it happened. We said, “Are you cognizant of the fact that this at least has the look of putting the fox in the henhouse?” Is that a good term? In reviewing the history of it, we were told what the approach was by the Garden and how it went down. Jim said, “If you have any suggestions that you want to come back with, I’m open.” And not being in that field, I didn’t have any information. It’s not where my head is at. So we’re not giving them any advice, and it’s going both ways.
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New York Liberty owner James Dolan and new team president Isiah Thomas met with players on Saturday to address a jury’s ruling that Madison Square Garden improperly fired a female executive who accused Thomas of sexual harassment. “They were very open and honest,” veteran Swin Cash said. “That’s what I appreciated … to really address all the issues and not just be politically correct. So that’s I think, as players, what we really appreciated the most.”
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