James Dolan Rumors

Adam Silver said he didn’t have a problem with Isiah Thomas and James Dolan rehashing the Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harassment lawsuit – and thinks the Knicks owner and his controversial longtime ally opening themselves up to public scrutiny is actually a good thing. “I think it’s important that, whether it’s Isiah Thomas or Jim Dolan, that they let the world, and sports fans, know how they feel,” Silver said in a press conference early Friday afternoon at a midtown Manhattan hotel following the latest NBA owners meetings.
“I think no, it’s not great to see and hear those issues being rehashed, but I think specifically in the case of Isiah Thomas, and I’ll focus on him, because he’s actively involved in the Liberty and WNBA right now … for our fans, for people who follow the industry, I think it’s important that you represent yourself publicly,” Silver said. “We’re in a public industry, I’ve talked a lot about transparency, and while I think name-calling doesn’t help, I think if there are issues that haven’t been addressed historically, and he’s an active participant in one of our leagues, I actually think it’s beneficial that he be out there and frankly expose himself to the scrutiny of the media.”
For the welfare of his good buddy, Jim Dolan says he’s not letting Isiah Thomas return to the Knicks. In parts of their interviews that won’t be aired tonight on HBO’s Real Sports — and were released Tuesday morning by HBO — Dolan and Thomas were asked “the $64 million question” by host Bryant Gumbel: Will Thomas, who was hired back at the Garden to run the Liberty, again be involved with the Knicks?
In a two-minute clip teasing the piece, Thomas was read part of the complaint by Bryant Gumbel which indicates that Thomas sexually harassed Browne Sanders and called her a “bitch” and a “ho.” “Never happened,” an uncomfortable looking Thomas tells Gumbel. Dolan, who was also sued by Browne Sanders, said he decided not to settle for a few hundred thousand dollars because “the fighter in me came out.” “I’m not going to settle because that’s an admission of guilt and we’re not guilty,” Dolan added.