James Dolan Rumors

James Dolan spoke about the Knicks & Rangers at the announcement of the Garden of Dreams Foundation’s donation of a gymnasium at a youth center in Queens. Of the Knicks’ start, Dolan said, “I am encouraged but I’m mostly encouraged because Phil Jackson is in charge and I think he’s doing a great job and I think he’s going to bring us a winner. On Kristaps Porzingis, Dolan said, “Kristaps has already shown us that he’s ready to play on New York and ready to be a New Yorker.”
Adam Silver said he didn’t have a problem with Isiah Thomas and James Dolan rehashing the Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harassment lawsuit – and thinks the Knicks owner and his controversial longtime ally opening themselves up to public scrutiny is actually a good thing. “I think it’s important that, whether it’s Isiah Thomas or Jim Dolan, that they let the world, and sports fans, know how they feel,” Silver said in a press conference early Friday afternoon at a midtown Manhattan hotel following the latest NBA owners meetings.
“I think no, it’s not great to see and hear those issues being rehashed, but I think specifically in the case of Isiah Thomas, and I’ll focus on him, because he’s actively involved in the Liberty and WNBA right now … for our fans, for people who follow the industry, I think it’s important that you represent yourself publicly,” Silver said. “We’re in a public industry, I’ve talked a lot about transparency, and while I think name-calling doesn’t help, I think if there are issues that haven’t been addressed historically, and he’s an active participant in one of our leagues, I actually think it’s beneficial that he be out there and frankly expose himself to the scrutiny of the media.”