James Dolan Rumors

Times have changed, Checketts said, as have expectations. “They are way lower than ever before,” he said of the Knicks in a telephone interview. “I’m not mocking them. I’m just saying — making the playoffs would be a gigantic accomplishment for them.” Checketts added: “For the teams we had, we couldn’t afford to not at least make a case that we could win it all. But I don’t think there’s any question that they could get away with rebuilding now because the fan base has been built over time and the expectations are so much lower. But I think it’s going to be important to communicate it purposefully and properly.”
Certain “restrictions” were placed on MSG Network personnel, including Andariese, who no longer were permitted to speak with those who covered Garden teams or its network without the conversation being “monitored” by a Garden operative. Andariese and I continued to speak — we held comically clandestine telephone conversations — but we refused to play by such rules. For his protection, I never again quoted him unless it was something he said on the air.