James Worthy Rumors

Worthy is aware of a perception that he has taken it easier on Scott than he did his predecessor He even agrees. “People have opinions based on Byron and I being close,” Worthy said after a recent Lakers practice, “but that has nothing to do with it.” Instead, he argued, D’Antoni’s Lakers were built to win with Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and a healthy Kobe Bryant. “I had an opportunity to be more critical then,” Worthy said. “But I see what Byron’s doing. I’m in the film room, I see the practices, I see the guys buying into it. They just haven’t been able to transfer it out to the court yet.”
By the end of that night’s broadcast, he had come around. “I think Byron’s right,” Worthy said. “Sometimes you have to allow younger players to watch from the bench.” Video of the segment was posted on the network’s Facebook page. The first comment, from a user named Lynne No, said, “James Worthy was always so candid about D’Antoni. Where’s your truth now James regarding Byron?”
He was even a semblance of the old Kobe once, scoring 31 as the Lakers stunned the Wizards. The end of games with fans cheering and peers embracing him were heartwarming. The rest was an affront to the game he expressed his devotion to when he announced his retirement, on the Lakers’ TV network as elsewhere. James Worthy as Kobe shot 4 for 20 in last week’s home loss to Indiana: “When I did my interview with Kobe a few weeks back, he said he’s going to play until the wheels fall off. And they’re falling off right now.”