James Worthy Rumors

He was even a semblance of the old Kobe once, scoring 31 as the Lakers stunned the Wizards. The end of games with fans cheering and peers embracing him were heartwarming. The rest was an affront to the game he expressed his devotion to when he announced his retirement, on the Lakers’ TV network as elsewhere. James Worthy as Kobe shot 4 for 20 in last week’s home loss to Indiana: “When I did my interview with Kobe a few weeks back, he said he’s going to play until the wheels fall off. And they’re falling off right now.”
Stu Lantz, that night: “The Lakers have 12 more minutes in which they can try to do something about a couple of things, their offense and their defense. Other than that, they’re right there.” Worthy on Kobe’s lone assist in the first half in Philadelphia: “I hope we see more of that. … You know, involve the younger players.” Stu, after Kobe shot a technical foul: “Closest he’s been to the basket since the game started.” Bill MacDonald: “Thank you.”