James Worthy Rumors

Johnson on today’s NBA game vs. when he played: “First of all, when I played, it was inside-out, so you pound the ball inside to probably the most dominant player we’ve ever seen in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and then we pounded it to James Worthy, one of the greatest small forwards that’s ever played. And then if [those] two were busy or didn’t want to shoot, then I would go into the post and do my thing. So it was definitely driven by banging the ball down inside. Now, it’s the 3-point line. All the emphasis, even on the fast break — we’re seeing a lot of teams that would much rather shoot the three than shoot the two. What we’re trying to do, because it’s not just me, I want to make sure that Luke is involved because he has to coach these guys and also what type of offense he’s going to run, those guys have to fit into that offense. What we’re trying to do is make sure that guys want to win. They love to compete and they’re going to love being a Laker. We want guys who want to play for the Lakers, want to play in this town, understand what it means to play for the Laker organization.”
4 weeks ago via ESPN
Abdul-Jabbar on how centers should play today: “When you can post up and shoot 3-pointers, you have that versatility that enables you to win games. I remember playing with teammates like James Worthy who had that type of versatility, could shoot and jump shoot and post up. I think that a little something is being lost there as we go away from a lot of post-up moves. But post-up players take high-percentage shots, high-percentage shots win games. You saw what happened to Golden State when they stopped making the 3-pointers. They lost three games in a row and lost the world championship. So the 3-pointer isn’t the answer to everything.”