James Worthy Rumors

Abdul-Jabbar on how centers should play today: “When you can post up and shoot 3-pointers, you have that versatility that enables you to win games. I remember playing with teammates like James Worthy who had that type of versatility, could shoot and jump shoot and post up. I think that a little something is being lost there as we go away from a lot of post-up moves. But post-up players take high-percentage shots, high-percentage shots win games. You saw what happened to Golden State when they stopped making the 3-pointers. They lost three games in a row and lost the world championship. So the 3-pointer isn’t the answer to everything.”
As a member of the Heat’s summer league team, Winslow played in three games and averaged 16.3 points, 3.7 rebounds and 2.3 assists. But he still struggled to make shots from beyond the arc, hitting 23.5 percent of his 3-point shots. “It’s time,” Riley said of Winslow. “I remember when James Worthy came to the Lakers and Jamaal Wilkes was the incumbent and then there came that time, there came that time when it was just a matter of time when James Worthy was going to take his position. Are we ready for Justise Winslow to start at the three? I am. I’m not just throwing him out there. This guy has been thrown out there last year and played significant minutes and significant time. I trust him. So you guys put too much on the things that he can’t do versus what he can. And those things that he can’t do, he’s going to be able to do better with more minutes.”
The Los Angeles Lakers have launched Junior Lakers, their youth basketball program, it was announced today at the inaugural Junior Lakers tournament at the Heart of Los Angeles Gym at Lafayette Park. Eight Los Angeles area Boys & Girls Clubs participated in the tournament, where they competed in front of friends and family and Lakers legend James Worthy. Junior Lakers will allow the Lakers organization to work with Los Angeles youth to develop fundamental basketball skills, teamwork, sportsmanship and community involvement, with positive adult supervision.
“With Junior Lakers we hope to inspire kids’ interest in the game and teach them how to play the right way,” said Worthy. “Obviously, we have a team of 15 that take the court for us during our NBA season, but we’re excited to now also have the Junior Lakers as our new teammates. We’re ready to work with these kids and coach them in a way where they can learn to succeed the Laker way, on and off the court.”