Jeanie Buss Rumors

But Hammon displayed many of the traits that a successful coach needs. “I think she has the ability to be a head coach in the NBA but there are only 30 such jobs and it is extremely competitive to get one no matter if you are male or female,” said Lakers Executive Vice President Jeanie Buss, one of the highest-ranking female executives in sports, via text Sunday. “If that is her desire I encourage her to follow that path,” Buss said. “Being a woman is not a reason to stop. Continue doing outstanding work and the opportunity will come.”
Asked about that deadline in a radio appearance with KPCC on Thursday, Jeanie Buss reiterated that timeline is still in place and that if the Lakers don’t reach their goals by then, she’s ready for change. “Yeah, absolutely,” Buss said. “This is my job. I’m part-owner of the team, but I’m also the president. The Buss family is the majority owner but we have other partners as well who are also shareholders, and I have an obligation to them. Would I make those changes? Yes. My brother understands that we have to continue to strive for greatness, and I think he would be the first one to feel that he would need to step down if he can’t get us to that point.”
The NBA informed the Lakers that the tweets were in violation of the July moratorium, the period between when teams begin negotiating with free agents and they can begin signing them. During that time, only the team’s “designated negotiator” — in the Lakers case, Kupchak — is permitted to say whether the Lakers are in discussions with a player. A tweet from team president Jeanie Buss encouraging fans to reweet the “#LAtoLA” hashtag was also removed.
via Orange County Register