Jeff Bower Rumors

Pistons general manager Jeff Bower, without addressing Maker specifically, said the team might be more willing to take a boom-or-bust chance with a high-ceiling prospect because of improved roster stability after a 44-win season. “I think we could,” Bower said. “I think the strength of the draft is such that picking at 18, you’re going to look for some ways to make a difference and that’s one avenue that we’ve looked at.”
Storyline: Draft Combine
Pistons general manager Jeff Bower appeared on the “Sean, Marc and Maz” morning show on Detroit Sports 105.1 Monday to provide the latest. “I wouldn’t really handicap it at this point,” Bower said. “What we’re doing is gathering all the information from a team of experts. When that whole process is completed, we’ll be able to make a final decision on the trade. “It’s unfortunate we’re in this waiting zone, but it’s very important that the due diligence and the information is gathered, collected and fully understood, both short-term and long-term.”