Jeff Van Gundy Rumors

Jeff Van Gundy: But I was thinking today: If there was no salary cap, what players wouldn’t you trade Karl-Anthony Towns for? Steph Curry? That’s a no. Is Kevin Durant a no? Is Anthony Davis a no, because of his durability? How many can you come up with? I mean, they have a future. There are a lot of young teams that all they are is young. That doesn’t mean they have a chance to be good. Minnesota has a chance to be really good, but there are moves that need to be made to shore up [their weaknesses].
Van Gundy says Thomas is right about the “lack of variety” in style of play now. But he disagrees with him about the value of analytics. “I think we simply had people that came in and made coaches think on a lot of different levels about a lot of different things. They had strong beliefs, and sometimes it made you go back and re-evaluate. The biggest thing is, it’s a players’ league. And it’s picking the right players. The Warriors get Curry and then get Draymond Green, who can play on the perimeter. Then they get Andrew Bogut for interior defense and more passing. They put the players around Curry that allows him the freedom to become who he is now.”
Storyline: Old School vs. New School
“One thing I think that’s hard to do is rank NBA coaches. So much of how people perceive you as a coach is based on the talent that you have,” said Van Gundy. “I’ve gone against guys who win all the time that I didn’t think were as good as some other guys, who maybe had half the talent but maximized their talent. So I think you have to judge coaches based on the talent they have, not just on the win/loss record. “Brad is a great basketball coach; not good, great. I think he’s proven that during his time in Boston and he’s humble, he’s hard-working, and he knows how to help players play to their strengths and stay away from their non-strengths.”
Oddsmakers don’t seem to believe in the New York Knicks, setting their over-under wins line at 38.5. But if you listen to former Knicks coach and current ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy, that number appears far too low. “It’s not easy,” Van Gundy said during an interview on The Stashed’s 33rd & 7th podcast with Anthony Donahue (via’s Ian Begley). “Listen, I think they’re going to be 45 to 50 [wins], low 50s, in that range.”