Jerry Colangelo Rumors

Because of the cache that USA Basketball Director Jerry Colangelo has created by playing in the Olympics today, it’s hard to forget how difficult people thought it would be back then to get NBA players to play in the Games, to play for a relative pittance and sacrifice their precious down time after a grueling season. But the exclusivity was the hook; if players knew only a few would be chosen, it created desire to be there, like being in a club that almost no one else could join. “I remember people like Billy Packer saying players would never give up their summer,” Granik told me years later. But the committee found it to be, relatively, easier than people believed it would be to get commitments.
Signing capable free agents is the most direct route to more wins, and Colangelo said “ownership is committed to winning.” He reaffirmed his belief in Brett Brown and his son, and stated that the Sixers need to take things one step at a time right now — basically saying they need to “trust the process” without uttering the phrase. However, one sentence showed just how important of a time this is for the Sixers — free-agent signings, draft selections and trade possibilities included: “We’ve got a good hand, and now it’s important to play out the hand in the right way,” he said.
Jerry Colangelo believes the 76ers are in better hands with the current management, than they were with Sam Hinkie. The 77-year-old Sixers chairman and father of the team’s general manager Bryan Colangelo joined the 94WIP Carlin & Reese Show on Friday, and spoke candidly about former polarizing GM and orchestrator of “The Process” Sam Hinkie.
Storyline: Sixers Front Office
Colangelo’s thoughts on the Sixers’ former general manager? “I respect the fact that he thought so much out of the box, which he really did, in terms of being the analytical guy that he is,” Colangelo said. “And of course, people can look back on decisions that were made — good or bad — and most everyone’s track record is full of both and [they] come to their own conclusions.
Storyline: Sixers Front Office
Suns fans are proud, patient and loyal. They love Al McCoy, the Gorilla and a bountiful history that spans nearly five decades. They are also victims of a longstanding persecution complex, highly susceptible to conspiracy theories that continue to dog the NBA. With the draft lottery just around the corner, it’s time for the suspicions to stop. Or maybe you should find another sport. “I have confidence in the system,” former Suns owner Jerry Colangelo said. “I think it’s transparent. There will always be speculation about conspiracies because that’s human nature. But I can tell you, when it comes to the NBA, there’s nothing to it.”