Jerry Holloway Rumors

Two advance scouts for the Clippers have been locked in a pay dispute with the team. Jerry Holloway, employed since the 2003-04 season, alleged the Clippers quit paying him this spring and breached his contract. Documents filed June 4 in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County said the Clippers owed Holloway $22,920 in unpaid salary. After the suit was filed, the Clippers settled with Holloway for $20,000, a source familiar with the situation said. Court papers said Holloway asked for nearly $36,000, which included the unpaid wages, liquidated damages and legal fees.
Holloway has already had his day in court , so to speak. In a brief interview with FanHouse, he said he recently received his entire earnings after filing a lawsuit in his home city of Philadelphia that never went to court. Now it’s Wissel’s turn. He’ll likely talk with his lawyer, continue coordinating with the NBA coaches’ association, and — as he sees it — hopefully be handed a check for the final five months of pay by the time it’s all over. And as is so often the case for anyone who works for or watches the Clippers’ operation, he’ll be rolling his eyes all along the way.