Jerry Krause Rumors

“So I called Michael. We talked about minor-league baseball, North Carolina basketball, and golf. Then we talked about the big deal on the table. Should we do this? “Do it,” he said. “Scottie can make your other players better. Kemp can’t.” So, the day before the draft, we said yes. News of the trade immediately leaked out and onto the KJR airwaves. More anger from the callers, a lot more; our fans loved Shawn. Again, Ackerley listened. That afternoon, he called our draft headquarters in the Sonics locker room. It doesn’t feel right, he told Wally. Better wait. I had the unpleasant job of calling Krause, who was not happy. While we dragged our feet on draft day, Krause got desperate. He called to tell me the Bulls would drop the demand for our number one pick. He offered a big chunk of money in the next call. Then he called back to double it. Literally minutes before the draft started, Ackerley backed us out of the deal. When I delivered the bad news, Krause dropped f-bombs and called me names. We’d keep Kemp, they’d keep Pippen.”
Reinsdorf credited Collins for his “brilliant” coaching mind, changing the culture of the Bulls and never expressing bitterness for getting fired for Jackson after reaching the 1989 Eastern Conference finals. But Reinsdorf said it was Jackson and former general manager Jerry Krause who helped the Bulls achieve his vision of how basketball should be played. Consistent with his message since receiving word he had been chosen to enter the Hall of Fame, Reinsdorf touted Krause’s Hall of Fame credentials. “I would not be standing here tonight were it not for Jerry Krause,” Reinsdorf said.