Jerry Reinsdorf Rumors

The Chicago Bulls announced today that they have been named the inaugural ESPN Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year. The award, which was presented at a ceremony in Los Angeles last night, celebrates and recognizes how members of the sports industry use sport to serve communities and make a positive impact. “The Bulls feel a great sense of responsibility to give back to the city of Chicago and the people who give so much to us. The team’s commitment to helping others has been steadfast for many years, but it has been incredible to watch our work evolve and flourish over the last few years under Michael and Nancy’s leadership. I am very proud of the terrific job they have done engaging players, coaches, staff, corporate partners and community partners with the goal of helping others,” said Jerry Reinsdorf, Chairman. “We thank ESPN for this incredible honor and for recognizing the positive impact sports teams can have in a community.”
Those close to Thibodeau say that Reinsdorf’s statement stung the coach on Thursday, that he had treasured his relationship with the owner. Thibodeau has always admired Reinsdorf’s accomplishments – a self-made tycoon, a successful sports and media mogul – and always felt that Reinsdorf had been an ally for him. Reinsdorf wasn’t around much, though, and talked far more with management than the coach. Thibodeau lost Reinsdorf in the past year, and ultimately lost the job.