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Kansas coach Bill Self became the latest on Saturday—sparked by a question about KU freshman Kelly Oubre—and it’s a tangent that just about any coach in America when teed up would go off on. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim voiced his displeasure recently as well. “The mock drafts don’t mean anything,” Self said. “And I would tell the guy if he was here doing the mock drafts. They don’t mean anything. They’re ridiculous.”
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One person Anthony admitted he does rely on for advice is Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, who said last week that he believes his former player should consider his legacy — and decide whether he thinks he can win a championship in New York — before signing his next contract. “He’s a guy I kind of bounce a lot of stuff off of, just get his opinion,” Anthony said. “I think he’s a great guy to have to pick his brain and get some insight on things. He’s a guy, he’s going to tell you straight like it is. If you ain’t doing something he’s going to tell you. If I’m doing something, he’ll tell you. If he sees something that’s wrong, he’s going to tell me. “We have those conversations. For me that’s probably one of the best people that I can talk to, because he’s going to give it to me straight up, right or wrong.”
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Jim Boeheim, still an influence in Carmelo Anthony’s life, understands that his former star might need to leave New York to finally win a ring. In an interview on Sirius XM Radio, the Syracuse coach brought up what Anthony himself has referenced — the fact that LeBron James needed to leave Cleveland and join up with some other stars before he finally won a championship. “LeBron, without Dwyane Wade the last couple of years, would not win the championship, I don’t think,” Boeheim said. We’re just not sold on Anthony leaving the Garden, mainly because we have yet to hear of a big-market team in L.A. or Chicago that intends to gear up and make a a run for his services.
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A person with knowledge of the details says Tom Thibodeau and Monty Williams will join the returning Jim Boeheim as assistant coaches for the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team. Thibodeau and Williams will work the next three years under coach Mike Krzyzewski. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the hirings were to be announced later Monday.
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“What was the difference in the series?,’’ Boeheim said. “Raymond Felton was 0-for-7. Lance Stephenson had [25] points. They’re going to blame it on Carmelo? I told him when he went to New York, ‘They’re going to blame it on you.’ “They have no chance to win,’’ Boeheim continued, according to the Syracuse daily. “Pablo Prigioni has never scored against [Team USA]. We played Argentina six or seven times in different events. He hasn’t scored against us. You have to have players to win in the NBA.”
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Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim maintains little hope that former Syracuse star Carmelo Anthony can win an NBA title with the New York Knicks. “Not on that team,” Boeheim said. “He did what he can do. He played very well the final game. Everybody’s killing him but Tyson Chandler just didn’t try to catch the ball. He threw him the ball and Tyson Chandler went like this (Boeheim dodged in a chair in his office in the Carmelo K. Anthony Center). He was wide open. He should have been looking for the ball right here. Kenyon Martin should have been looking for the ball. They both went like this (Boeheim dodged again). Carmelo gets turnovers and the announcers aren’t smart enough to even think, ‘Well, the guy should try to catch the ball.’ ”
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Do you want to see Russia in the finals? Jim Boeheim: “I don’t think so. I think that was so long ago that we’ll play whoever’s there. Russia’s very good, Spain. All these teams are very good. I don’t think it matters who you get. It’s going to be a difficult game. Our players, they weren’t born in 1972, so they’re not concerned about that. Russia’s very good, but Spain is really very talented. Our goal is to just make sure we play well.”
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As Anthony weaved a record-setting Olympic night, Syracuse coaching legend Jim Boeheim, a Team USA assistant, just kept thinking: Why does his former college prodigy get knocked so often? “He gets criticized for what he does, and that’s being an offensive machine,’’ Boeheim told The Post after Team USA humiliated Nigeria in a record-setting 83-point rout, 156-73. “I’m tired of reading it. He doesn’t play like LeBron James. He can pass, but he’s a scorer. He’s an offensive force. That’s what he does. He’s an offensive scorer, and internationally, he’s unguardable at the 4. You really need a 3 to guard him, but then he can take him inside.’’
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Carmelo Anthony had no desire to dip his toe into raging waters regarding his alma mater and former Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine, who was fired in the wake of allegations he molested two ballboys in the 1980s and 1990s. That was before Anthony’s one year at Syracuse in 2003, when he led Jim Boeheim’s Orange to the national championship. “My heart goes out to the families,’’ Anthony said yesterday. “That’s a sensitive situation, a sensitive topic right now. And I don’t even want to go there.”
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