JJ Barea Rumors

Dallas Mavericks guard JJ Barea, for example, was 5-foot-10 without shoes and 5-foot-10¾ inches with shoes, according to DraftExpress’s data. According to the NBA, though, Barea is 6-feet. Barea first noticed the discrepancy years ago when he was introduced during the team’s starting lineups. “I remember laughing when they said, ‘6 feet,’ because me and about 20,000 other people in the arena knew that was a lie,” he said. “I’m 5-foot-10 on a good day.”
Each player has his own song that he listens to when it comes time to get ready for a game. In fact, the mix we hear during layup lines at American Airlines Center was built by the players themselves. But we wanted to go beyond just that selection of music and build an ultimate “Mavs Mix” of songs the guys listen to when they’re working the hardest. The result is a playlist below accessible on Spotify or via streaming here. The inside scoop on who requested what: J.J. Barea listens to a lot of reggaeton, and one of his favorites is “La Gozadera.” He’s not the only one who digs that style of music, though. Mavs rookie Justin Anderson enjoys reggae’s upbeat nature. “I don’t really understand it,” he admitted, as he doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish. “But I like the fact that, no matter what, it puts you in a good mood to dance, move your feet, or get active.”