JJ Barea Rumors

While the name Lone Ranger Heroes may not be a direct interpretation of the Mavericks’ name, players said the new name is definitely an improvement. “It’s better than the other one,” guard J.J. Barea said. “That’s awful. Little cows?” “Obviously, I’d rather be a lone ranger than be a cow,” added guard Devin Harris. “I come from Wisconsin. We don’t really treat cows that well, so much better.”
2 months ago via ESPN
“There’s a lot of space in the NBA,” Smith told Mavs.com. “And watching people like Devin and JJ, I can learn exactly how to use that to my advantage. They were just giving me little pointers and things I can do better, or things that they’ve seen somebody else do… They were just trying to keep me getting better. I think it’s great. The best teacher is experience, and they’ve been through all of it. They’re not going to do anything but give me the best advice, and I hope that I can be a good vet like those guys are.”