Joe Lacob Rumors

In light of that, primary owner Joe Lacob thought it justified to adjust West’s compensation downward. Exact figures are hard to come by because West’s salary was partly dictated by franchise evaluation and some monies were deferred to enable him to buy a small stake in the team—remember that “small” in this business means as much as $1 million. But the best estimate is that West was asked to take what one source called a “material” pay cut to about $1 million. The best guess on material is about 50%, meaning that West had been making about $2 million. (Neither West nor Lacob would comment directly on dollar figures.)
On top of that, as the Warriors prepared for the postseason, Warriors owner Joe Lacob was considering offering Curry a contract below the max, even though Curry has been one of the most underpaid players in all of sports over the last three seasons. Warriors general manager Bob Myers kept Lacob from bringing a reduced offer to the negotiating table, but it was enough of a thing that Myers reassured Curry of the franchise’s commitment. Curry wound up getting the largest contract in NBA history: five years, $201 million.
Storyline: Stephen Curry Free Agency
“We’d just like to say that this parade, this whole day, all the cost, every dollar is on us!” Lacob announced to a cheering crowd. “It’s our gift to the city of Oakland.” But now, almost three months after the blue-and-gold confetti has been swept up and Steph Curry and Kevin Durant have hung up their sneakers for off-season vacations, the team has not paid a cent for the festivities which added up to almost $816,000, according to the city. The team has not paid for the 2015 parade costs either ($244,000), according to city officials and an invoice obtained by the East Bay Times.