Joe Lacob Rumors

“We’d just like to say that this parade, this whole day, all the cost, every dollar is on us!” Lacob announced to a cheering crowd. “It’s our gift to the city of Oakland.” But now, almost three months after the blue-and-gold confetti has been swept up and Steph Curry and Kevin Durant have hung up their sneakers for off-season vacations, the team has not paid a cent for the festivities which added up to almost $816,000, according to the city. The team has not paid for the 2015 parade costs either ($244,000), according to city officials and an invoice obtained by the East Bay Times.
As first reported by the East Bay Express, the appreciative city sent a $1 million bill to the champs on July 19, about a month after the champagne smell had left the Warriors locker room, for the 2017 and 2015 parade costs. The due date was Aug. 18, almost a month ago, but no money has changed hands. “We are in ongoing conversation with the Warriors; they have questions about some of these charges which we are in the process of answering,” city spokeswoman Karen Boyd said in an email. “The Warriors have given us no reason to doubt they will honor their commitments.”