John Calipari Rumors

From Marcus Camby, who helped him build a program at Massachusetts, to Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins, who solidified a powerhouse at Kentucky, Calipari was backed by dozens of the players who have made him one of college basketball’s most successful coaches. “As you can see, I have been blessed to have all those opportunities,” Calipari said, “but the reason I stand here is more about the players I’ve coached.”
That combination of talk and walk propelled an unknown with a marketing degree to the head-coaching position at UMass, to an NBA front office, and to Memphis, where a dormant program soon became a national powerhouse. The blend of quality basketball and quality branding took him past administrative skepticism to the top of the college hoops mountain, to those Big Blue Madness stages, to the fireworks and light shows and political-convention teleprompters. Now, that understanding that has brought John Calipari, finally, to the National Basketball Hall of Fame.