John Calipari Rumors

“Oh yeah,” Calipari said when asked if a team of ex-Kentucky players would win the NBA championship. “But it could never happen, and it would have to be hypothetical, because they’d all have to be, what, eight or nine of them, max players, and you can’t pay them that. Let’s say this: If they were all max players and they were all making their money, oh, you could win a title. There’d be nothing except, ‘Let me fit into this.’ But you couldn’t do it. You could have maybe two or three max players and the rest would have to take less.”
Drake is producing and hosting the first-ever NBA Awards later this year, he revealed Thursday. The rapper-actor shared the news during an interview on University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari’s Cal Cast podcast. Nodding to his 2014 stint hosting the ESPY Awards, Drake said he anticipated having a similar freedom in helming the forthcoming trophy show. “I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this,” Drake said before giving Coach Cal the scoop. “We’ll find out.”
Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said on Kentucky coach John Calipari’s new podcast, Cal Cast, that Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins “gets a bad rap sometimes.” Krzyzewski, who joined Calipari for a 30-plus-minute conversation taped Thursday but released to ESPN in advance of Tuesday’s posting on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Google Play, said the much-maligned Cousins was one of many former Calipari players whom he enjoyed coaching with Team USA.
2 months ago via ESPN
The three-time gold-medal-winning coach praised Cousins for sticking with Team USA after initially being on the USA Select Team in 2012 following his one season at Kentucky in 2009-10. Cousins was added to the national team in 2014 and won gold medals at that year’s world championship in Madrid and the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this past summer. “For him to come back and still want it, it said a lot about how much he wanted to do it,” Krzyzewski told Calipari. “He came through for us big time. He’s tough as hell. He is so damn talented. I don’t think he has a position. You can’t call him a 5 or a 4. Just call him a great player.”
2 months ago via ESPN