John Hammond Rumors

Two of the more significant changes could involve Bucks general manager John Hammond and Bucks head coach Jason Kidd. A year ago, there was considerable chatter Hammond would move on, only to see him receive a one-year extension. But several NBA sources contend Hammond will soon be relocating to another zip code — either being fired or leaving on his own volition. Talk among some league officials is Hammond will end up in perhaps a similar position with New Orleans. The Pelicans figure to be doing some serious housecleaning themselves and hire Louisiana native, former Detroit Pistons “Bad Boy’’ and Hammond confidante Joe Dumars as the president of basketball operations.
Read what John Hammond says about Giannis’s future, the position that suits him best, and what he lacks to be considered a superstar from the age of 21! When are you expecting Giannis to start entering the phase when he’ll reach the peak of his career and the most productive basketball that he can play? “He’s 21 years old, but he’s been playing regularly and with many playing minutes in the league for three years! That means that, on the one side, he can still be described as inexperienced, because he’s very young, but on the other, he’s already gained considerable experience. They say that players start reaching the peak of their performance and of their career when they’ve been playing in the NBA for 6 or 7 seasons. Giannis got in the league when he was 18 years old. So, in his case, we have to look at a player like LeBron, who played straight in the NBA without playing in college. The general rule says that good players reach their peak between 27 and 29. In cases, however, like the ones of LeBron and Giannis, you can expect it at 26. To try to answer more specifically, there is no definite and certain answer to your question (laughs)! Time is what will give the answer…”
In the end, is there a position that we could say suits him best? “He’s a forward. I said it when we selected Jabari Parker in the draft as well. Many are not aware that Parker is also really good with the ball in his hands and that he can set up and execute plays. It’s very important for us for these two to learn to play really well together. For Giannis, I’ll say the same things I said when they asked me who he is, in the summer of 2013, when we selected him. He’s a guy who knows how to play the game well and he has a good perception, he can see everything on the court. He was this kind of a player since he was young! With a special feel for the game and a good perception. We are very happy that, lately, Giannis has been using these gifts that he has in his games, with very good results for the team.”