John Hollinger Rumors

Some draftniks say he could be a late-first-round pick. The Boston Celtics — who have eight draft picks, including three first-rounders and the No. 3 selection — brought him in for a workout this week, as did the Memphis Grizzlies. He’ll audition for more NBA teams in the coming weeks, as everyone figures out their plans for the June 23 draft. “I think his basketball English was good enough that it didn’t impede us from doing anything on the court,” Grizzlies vice president of basketball operations John Hollinger said after their workout. “I mean, obviously, we weren’t having detailed discussions about politics and economics or anything. … Very skilled for his size, very long frame, knows how to play.”
As John Hollinger wrote in 2009, there’s a new motto in today’s NBA: Live by the 3 or die. “Few stats correlate better with winning than 3-point attempts,” he wrote. “We all know if you don’t shoot the 3, you’re probably not going to win,” says Popovich, whose Spurs set an NBA Finals record for 3s last year. “Everybody in the league shoots the 3-point shot well and knows the importance. “I still hate it.”