John Paxson Rumors

KC Johnson: Rondo indeed met w/ Gar Forman & John Paxson late Saturday. Save for Boylen incident, front office has lauded Rondo’s professionalism. Rondo told reporters he’d keep working, which is what meeting centered on. Hoiberg hasn’t ruled out using him w/ 2nd unit at some point. If Rondo remains out of rotation in February, would look for movement then. Until then, status quo.
He also addressed the team’s biggest need directly. “The area we really do need to improve is with our athleticism,” Paxson said. “That’s been evident this year. We’ve got some vets who know how to play and can score. But when you look around the league and the way the game is now, that’s an area we have to address. That is a part of the plan. We’ll try to do that obviously through the draft and free agency if we can. You always have the trade option. Right now, our roster is what it is.”
Storyline: Bulls Front Office
For two games, that rotation didn’t feature Nikola Mirotic. Paxson called on the third-year forward, whose contract is up after this season, to become more consistent. “Niko has a tendency to get down on himself to be honest with you,” Paxson said. “Sometimes as player, you have to say to yourself, ‘Enough is enough. I’m going to go out and compete and work on my game.’ A lot of this is on the individual. Niko is a great guy. He has the ability to get better.”