Josh Kroenke Rumors

So when Kroenke, now the president of the Nuggets, made his pitch to free agent Dwyane Wade last July, he was sure to stir up the memory. “I looked Dwyane Wade in the eye and said, ‘Dwyane, I’m probably the only person who is going to try to recruit you this summer who scored 14 points on you,’ ” Kroenke recalled Wednesday during an interview with The Denver Post. “Those types of little interactions can kind of set the tone for the rest of the meeting. So it was very serious but also very light-hearted, and that’s who we are fundamentally as an organization.”
Chris Dempsey‏: #Nuggets president and governor Josh Kroenke on what he likes about the current state of his team. “Just the overall development — internally, externally, front office, coaching staff, roster. I think everybody is getting better across the board, which is really what your organization wants at the end of the day. Yeah, we had a couple of tough years. But my message to Tim and Arturas through those times was make the most of those opportunities. And with a subpar record comes a high draft pick, and I think that our guys have done basically as well as anyone else in the NBA in drafting, particularly in the last three years. I think you’ll see a lot of our own draft picks dotted throughout our roster, and some of those guys are contributing heavily. As long as we’re drafting well you put yourself in a position to succeed because you’re creating valuable assets out of thin air. And I think that’s what our guys have done.”