Julius Erving Rumors

Magic Johnson recently became the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. Do you see Magic succeeding in his new role and would you do something like that in the future? Julius Erving: “I think Magic is going to succeed because he’s succeeded at every level and has taken on every challenge that’s put in front of him and channel it. “It’s not the role for me. It’s just not. I had my time in basketball and now I kind of like having the freedom that I have…that role is one that locks you in.”
Julius Erving: “So Lakers, I go back to Shaq when he left Orlando. He wanted to be in movies. There’s something there that’s better to be a part of while you’re playing, so there would be an easier transition after you get out. I could buy that. “I’ve gotten a couple calls from shows where LeBron is an executive producer or show financier, so maybe here in California, it’s a part of that in playing his last few there sets it up.”
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What is your impression of Ben Simmons? He’s getting a lot of attention heading into what will now be his rookie season. JE: “Not having seen him play on the pro level, he’s a question mark. But he’s got credentials of being a No. 1 pick. Sharing the stage with this year’s No. 1 pick, [Markelle] Fultz and [Jahlil] Okafor. No. 1 pick doesn’t guarantee anything, but it does create an expectation that this guy, in the class that he came in with, was the pick of the litter.
Julius Erving: “I think people always make comparisons to people who are done. LeBron may play another six years, LeBron may play one year, we don’t really know. But I think it’s the fans argument, not the players argument. So I stay away from it. My all time greatest player is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I think when you add up the numbers and add up the years, nobody has contributed more to the NBA history or pro basketball history. It’s very subjective for you to say Michael or Lebron who was better? Or who was the greatest, the GOAT that is for the fans to argue about.”
Instead, the league’s founders chose to focus on what Iverson did do Sunday, meeting fans, signing autographs and creating a memorable moment for 76ers fans when he met with Erving on court before the game. “It was a night where the legend Dr J coached against another legend, Allen Iverson, with Dr. J winning that battle and going out on top,” Ice Cube said. “It was great to see those two legends embrace each other on the court. I think the fans really felt that moment between two guys who really had Philadelphia on their shoulders for so long. Of course we were disappointed that Allen couldn’t play. But this is professional sports, and it happens. Sometimes the guys we really want to go can’t go.”