Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rumors

When asked what the Lakers can do to create an environment that will help Hibbert be at his very best, Kupchak said their best approach is to keep it simple, with one focus: defense. It’s an approach that Abdul-Jabbar believes is best for his former pupil. “What works best with Roy is having a clear idea of what is expected of him in specific situations,” Abdul-Jabbar says. “Once he’s clear on that he can execute flawlessly.”
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“The Buffalo fans from all over, people who moved to Atlanta or wherever I go, they all remember my dad,” Lara Kauffman said. “What people remembered about my dad was he played very blue-collar. I think he was sort of a reflection of a lot of people in the Buffalo community the way he played. He wouldn’t back down from anybody. He played against Lew Alcindor at the time. He matched up against Wilt Chamberlain. My dad would go head-to-head with those guys.
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