Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rumors

“Well, Dwight Howard didn’t want to do any work,” Kareem told Lakers Nation. “Andrew Bynum did not want to do a lot of work, but Andrew was kind of getting the hang of it. I don’t think Andrew was that interested in playing basketball. If he had stuck with it, I’m sure he would’ve done better. I’m sure he would’ve had a lasting career in the NBA.”
Jabbar went on to explain how Bynum simply wasn’t fond of the game nor did he want and to become a dominant player. As for Dwight, it seemed to be a lost cause from the beginning. “I don’t think he liked the game,” Jabbar said of Bynum. “He didn’t want to master the game. Dwight Howard, I’m not going to say anything about him because I really don’t understand what his thing was.”
“I think he’s trying to scapegoat one group, and it’s caused some very bad things to start happening,” said Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time scoring leader. “Hate crimes have risen; we saw what happened in the Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, the mosque in Texas, an imam in New Jersey was murdered — it’s getting more serious, acts of violence directed at Muslims, or against people other people think are Muslims. “The leader of our country should try to calm this whole atmosphere down and be rational.”
Abdul-Jabbar, who said he was disappointed to see “things moving backward” racially in the U.S. and “old things start to rear their heads,” took a subtle jab at Trump when discussing the history of slavery with Couric. “To make a profit off cotton, that was the premise. (Slaves are) property,” Abdul-Jabbar said of a system that lasted “until people realized these people were human beings. Thank God for President Lincoln, despite what Mr. Trump has to say.”
It took more than a year and apparently a lot of soul-searching, but superstar center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has finally regretted calling Dallas Mavericks superstar forward Dirk Nowitzki a “one-trick pony.” Abdul-Jabbar made the controversial comment about Nowitzki during a February 2016 interview at George Mason University. But on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Wednesday, Abdul-Jabbar decided to set the record straight through host Rachel Nichols. “I want to make a shoutout to Dirk,” Abdul-Jabbar told Nichols. “Some of the statements I made about him were misconstrued to make it seem like I was trying to knock him and knock his career.