Keith Glass Rumors

Douby, who Glass would later assert was coerced to change agents by Miller and his high school coach, Jack Ringel, had spoken with Glass not long before firing him. And even if he didn’t know it yet, Glass’ three-year process of firing back had officially begun. “I was on the phone with Quincy, and he had not said anything, (but) I knew we had a problem (in their relationship),” Glass, who has been an agent for nearly 30 years, told FanHouse in what were his first extensive public comments about the case. “And I could tell that he was talking to somebody or somebody was talking to him as he was talking to me. I’ve known Quincy for years, and we’d gone through a lot. I could tell this conversation was not right. You didn’t have to be a genius. He said to me, ‘Mr. Glass, or Keith,’ I’ll call you back in five minutes, because he was being coached (by the person in the room). I never spoke to Quincy again in my life.
“Then an hour later, the fax machine goes off, and me and Tyler (his son, a colleague in his firm and a former teammate of Douby’s at Rutgers) looked at each other and went, ‘Uh oh. Here comes my termination letter.’ Then Tyler looks at me and says, ‘It’s Andy Miller.'” And so began the years of connect-the-dots detective work that led to the decision, one that has caught the attention of the NBA Players Association and could result in a change to the regulations that have been in place since 1991.