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In order to drop his chances of the cancer returning to 1-in-500, Smart took part in 30 radiation treatments in San Francisco that began on Feb. 17, with weekends off, and ended Tuesday. His visit with the Heat on Friday was his first game since he attended a home contest Jan. 19 against the Milwaukee Bucks. “It’s been an interesting ride,” Smart told ESPN’s The Undefeated. “I have a unique experience of understanding [cancer] now.”
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“I have to go through this skin regeneration where I’m going to look like a Thriller [Michael Jackson] video. Want to make sure everything is healthy as I start to get through my daily life as a coach,” he said, adding he lost 25 pounds during treatment and “formed a kinship with the people I’m going through treatment with. I became the unofficial coach with our team every morning, trying to bring some encouragement to get through it. I had 140 people giving me encouragement every day.”
Miami Heat assistant coach Keith Smart is stepping away from his duties for the second time this season to undergo treatment for a rare form of skin cancer, a team official confirmed Tuesday. Smart, 51, initially left the team in mid-December and returned Jan. 11 after what was deemed to be successful treatment of the cancer that surfaced on the left side of his jaw. The Heat did not offer a timeframe for how long Smart is expected to be away for this latest round of treatment.