Keith Smart Rumors

Petrie and his front office staffers stayed around during the chaotic, time-compressed ownership transition to scout players and help incoming coach Michael Malone work out prospects before the June 27 NBA draft. “When it comes to some of the representations about myself and Keith Smart, and the management group that was there at the time,” Petrie vented to Deadspin, “it was basically, totally untrue. I brought everybody together at different occasions and said, ‘Look, we’re going to be professional here. We’re going to continue to work like we would every other year, and ultimately we will assist any new people that may come in here and try and make them comfortable and get situated.’ ”
The first I heard of it was in that interview, the situation with Shareef. It was portrayed as a common business disagreement or something, but you’re making it sound like it was more serious than that? Geoff Petrie: The way it came across in the article is like [Ranadivé] came in there and there was nobody there, nobody wanted to be there. Keith Smart wanted to be there! He had a year left on his contract. He didn’t get a discussion or an interview, he got a 90-second phone call in his car that they weren’t going to keep him. How do you arrive at a statement that he didn’t want to be there?
Storyline: Sacramento Kings Turmoil?
Sam Amick: Kings addendum that needs to be noted: Vivek Ranadive’s characterization of those early days in Sac – the “ghost town” narrative – is just not fair. Geoff Petrie knew he was done, yet made sure front office helped with transition via scouting/sharing intel (with Wayne Cooper at his side). Post ownership-transfer, Petrie even took a 3-day trip to Greece to scout Giannis Antetokounmpo (who he loved) & was preparing for the draft. As for then-coach Keith Smart, he was told very quickly (via phone) that he would be replaced. That part is what it is.
The Miami Heat have granted permission to the Memphis Grizzlies to interview assistant coach Keith Smart for a position on the staff of former Heat assistant David Fizdale. The Heat confirmed Thursday they have been contacted by Memphis since Fizdale took over as coach last week regarding Smart, who was added to Erik Spoelstra’s staff in 2014 on the recommendation of Fizdale. Fizdale and Smart previously had coached together with the Golden State Warriors.