Kenny Atkinson Rumors

Q: How will you deal with the pressure of this job? Kenny Atkinson: Just coming with a smile on my face and understanding the big picture, and not losing sight of the big picture, and where we’re trying to go in the future. And I know that’s a big task. … Kind of sections of our schedule, taking it five games at a time, three games at a time, looking at the little wins. I think being a New Yorker, I understand the implications of being a coach in this city. It’s not gonna make it easier, but I’ve been around and I’ve seen, from Billy Martin to, you know (laugh) … I saw Mike [D’Antoni] with the Knicks and all that. So I think that helps.
Q: What kind of a team do you want this season? Kenny Atkinson: Competitive. Unselfish. Fun to watch. If you go to Brooklyn, you’re gonna be entertained with the way we’re playing. You’re also gonna come out saying, “Man, that’s a competitive group of guys. That’s a program that’s building, you can feel it.” Q: What would you tell Nets fans about how long it will take to build a winner? Kenny Atkinson: I don’t think we can out a timetable on it. I would just say, “Throw yourself into the building aspect of the program and watch us grow.”
The Nets’ two talented New York City-based youngsters, Chris McCullough and Isaiah Whitehead, may be splitting time between Brooklyn and the D-League this year. Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said the two will likely play with both the Nets and their D-League affiliate, the Long Island Nets, at times. “I think that’s definitely in the plans,” Atkinson said following practice Saturday.
At Wednesday’s press conference, Kenny Atkinson and Sean Marks talked about how much they respected what Bojan Bogdanovic did this summer … and how, with him saying he’s playing the best basketball of his life, they need steady him for the long haul ahead. “We recognize what’s he’s done and we respect it tremendously,” Atkinson said. “To be the leader of that team, the coaching staff has great respect for him and I think our players have great respect for him too.”