Kenny Atkinson Rumors

Ranadive will soon be on the hunt for a new coach, though don’t be surprised if interest in the Kings’ gig is lukewarm. “One of 30 jobs in the world” is a popular cliché spouted by recently hired coaches, yet Ranadive has made it 29 and a “Well, if I have to” proposition. Established coaches won’t touch the Kings’ job while rising assistants like Atlanta’s Kenny Atkinson or Boston’s Jay Larranaga won’t run toward it either. Coaches with options don’t fight to work for management that refuses to support the people it hires, and they don’t sign on with an owner who seems more interested in the cache that comes with owning an NBA team than the business of operating one.
Kenny Atkinson has his hands full these days. The Hawks assistant coach was named to lead the Dominican Republic national team earlier this year and the unit is now preparing for the upcoming FIBA Americas tournament that begins at the end of the month. Take one day last week with the Dominican Republic team in Atlanta for a training camp. Atkinson watched film with the group in the morning. He then spent one-on-one-time time working out current Hawks players Paul Millsap and Jeff Teague. Finally, he led the Dominican team’s scrimmage against a New Jersey semipro team.
Kenny Atkinson pushed me to take my game to another level. Darvin Ham shared the tricks he picked up during his long NBA career to help me develop my skills around the basket. And then there was Quin Snyder, who was the first coach who took me under his wing while he was an assistant here. The big difference between regular NBA players and superstars isn’t just talent, but the way they train. Quin and I just kind of clicked right away when I came to the Hawks, and he began working with me to develop skills that I hadn’t really touched before. His belief in me built up my confidence so much.