Kenny Atkinson Rumors

Mannix noted that “Nets coaches have had a love/hate relationship wih Brook Lopez. Some guys love him, some guys have wanted to trade him. Is he a building block player for this team?” Atkinson responded with a lengthy analysis of the Nets 7-footer, saying Lopez is a big part of the Nets and noting that he is a “huge fan. He cited one aspect of his play that he was particularly impressed with. “Absolutely,” Atkinson said. “The first thing I’m really impressed with him –watching him and I’m watching him really closely right now, watching games from the last couple of years — is how well he passes the ball and that’s going to be a big part of our offense, moving the ball. He obviously can score the ball. That’s been established. He’s been established as a pro, but I’m really impressed with the way he passes the ball.”