Kenny Atkinson Rumors

How tough was it to pull the trigger on the Brook Lopez trade? What were the emotions like? Kenny Atkinson: “Very hard. Very hard. Very hard. I thought Brook bought in 100 percent. That’s hard with a guy who’s had I don’t know how many different coaches. He embraced our culture. He was a pleasure to be around every day. That was probably the hardest decision that I’ve made being a head coach. And that’s part of being a head coach. It’s not just coaching these darn games.
Storyline: Brook Lopez Trade
Kenny Atkinson: it’s a great second opportunity for D’Angelo. When i talked to him immediately after the trade, I felt like he was so enthusiastic. Luke [Walton] is a helluva coach, but I thought he was just looking for a fresh start. So we’re like a fresh program, fresh start, and I really hope that can jumpstart him.”
Atkinson said Saturday adding a veteran at a position of need was a distinct possibility. “Sure, I think it’s possible,” Atkinson said. “We’ve got to see how things play out with everything, but I do think [Marks and I] both agree that we don’t want to go in with a totally young roster. We do need that veteran support. If it’s the right position where somebody can help us, it’s definitely something [to consider].”
In a lengthy interview with Greg Logan, Jeremy Lin thinks he and D’Angelo Russell is “really good kid” and the two guard will get along just fine in Kenny Atkinson’s motion offense. “I think at the end of the day, he’s a really good kid,” Lin said of Russell. “He has a good heart, and he’s a tremendous basketball player. Once he meets our team and gets in our locker room, I’m pretty sure it will be a seamless transition. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from him as well, and hopefully he learns from me. What we want to do is create that family atmosphere where we’re kind of pushing each other, keeping each other accountable, helping each other.”
Lin did not identify the teammates or their teams, but said the Nets top priority this summer should be free agents. According to the translation, Lin said the attraction to the Nets, who did have the league’s worst record, is that the Nets enjoy playing together, enjoy playing for Kenny Atkinson, and enjoying playing in the culture the Nets have created.