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NBA TV’s Open Court season preview program saw some of the faces we’ve gotten used to analyzing the NBA in Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and a few other former players including former Rockets’ coach Kevin McHale. When prompted to talk about the arrival of Chris Paul in Houston, he spoke volumes about how great of a move it was partially stemming from the fact that his former player, James Harden isn’t a leader.
Storyline: Harden-Paul Dynamic
Ernie Johnson: In between the third and the fourth segment, Kenny’s just like Charles I dare you to rip those cards in half. This is in a commercial break. Charles is like ‘you really think I should?’ and I said ‘Charles, this is my preparation for the show this is important to me this is my roadmap for where we’re going next. I need this stuff.’ He reaches over and rips it in half. Then we’re like 30 seconds from coming back on the air and he knew I was ticked off. I told him I said, ‘man if you do that again this hot coffee is going all over you.’ Kenny’s like ‘Man, I ain’t ever seen Ernie this hot Charles.’ We come back on the show and I just iced him out. I didn’t talk to Charles that segment. I wasn’t going to ask him a question, I was going to Kenny and Shaq with everything. Charles finally was like ‘hey, hey, hey’ I said ‘look I ain’t talking to you we had something going on here and if you want to take part in the show you won’t do that anymore.’
Spruell’s work has led to the launch of new initiatives aimed at improving officiating, which the NBA will formally announce on Thursday. The league has created an Officiating Advisory Council that will include former NBA player and coach Doug Collins; retired Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of USA Basketball and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Arne Duncan, the former U.S. Education Secretary; ex-referee Steve Javie; and Kenny Smith, a TNT analyst and former NBA player. Together, they will help determine the future of NBA officiating.
Kenny Smith says George Karl will suffer consequences & repercussions for his verbal assault on Carmelo Anthony & Kenyon Martin … never being trusted in NBA circles again. We got Kenny out at LAX and asked him about Karl’s thoughts on his two former players … thoughts that include him saying the guys had character issues because they lacked fathers in their lives.
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It easily could have escaped the attention of a casual viewer, but it did not escape the attention of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neal and the rest of the NBA on TNT, who took some time aside after the game to make some jokes at the expense of the man, his tan and his mustache, dubbing him “Really Tan Portland Ken.” “Really Tan Portland Ken” is actually Ron Sloy, who lives in the west hills and runs a financial advising firm in Portland. There was some irony in the broadcaster’s choice to lampoon him, Sloy told The Oregonian/OregonLive. “It’s a very small world,” Sloy said. “I’ve actually met Kenny, Shaq and Charles.”
“All three guys are class acts,” Sloy said. “I was surprised that Shaq didn’t recognize me.” As for the ribbing, Sloy took it all in stride and even commended Barkley on questioning the source of his amber hue. “Charles is absolutely right, the tan doesn’t come from Portland,” Sloy said. “I just returned from Palm Desert to attend the season opener.”