Kermit Washington Rumors

Former NBA All-Star Kermit Washington joined the Bald Faced Truth radios show (12-3p on 750-AM and 102.9-FM) to talk about his career, Damian Lillard, and why he thinks Jerry Sloan was a better coach than Phil Jackson. “I think Jerry Sloan is a lot better coach than Phil Jackson,” Washington said. “…if Phil Jackson was a jockey, he had Secretariat to ride. You could have put 50 jockeys on Secretariat and won the Kentucky Derby. He was lucky and Pat Riley was very lucky. Red Auerbach would tell you the same thing… whoever was coaching Bill Russell would have won 10 championships.”
Abdul-Jabbar insists that basketball was really what his life had been about all along. He loves it and expects to play, he says, “as long as I keep my mental and physical health.” But in December of 1977 he was nearly ready to quit. Just a month after his hand had healed sufficiently for him to return to action, he witnessed yet another violent act when teammate Kermit Washington crushed the face of Houston’s Rudy Tomjanovich with a punch. “He was miserable,” says Cheryl. “I sent him air-express letters saying, ‘Kareem, your career is not a jail sentence.’ He felt so sorry for himself it was disgusting.”
During his week-long stay, Dwight visited the Kipok Secondary School in the Monduli region and the Lunguya Secondary School in Shinyanga to donate more than $80K for their educational efforts. Dwight’s donation will assist in building a dormitory on the grounds of each school so that the young girls are able to live on the school’s campus. By living on campus, it will ensure that the students have three meals a day and will help to keep the young girls safe from any danger, including potentially being raped, as they will no longer have to walk more than three kilometers to school. Other needs in this region include additional schools, classrooms, teachers and computer labs. The Secondary Schools also in need of 84 dormitories, of which only 20 are available at this time, leaving a shortage of 64. The presence of dormitories increases retention of the young girls and boys and as a result increases completion rates and improves academic performance.
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The next day, I told Post I had decided to go. I asked what I needed to do to get ready. They were very happy about me going and told I had to get vaccination shots from the doctor, make sure my passport was up to date, and acquire a visa. I had never been to Africa and honestly it was terrifying to say the least, and it was all happening very fast. I had no idea who I was going with, only that there were about 10 doctors and nurses going, and I wouldn’t be meeting any of them until I flew into London. While getting my vaccinations the doctor informed me that the shots I was taking would take more than 10 days before the antibodies would be active — so, in other words, they wouldn’t do me any good until I came back. On top of that I didn’t even know where we were going; our airline tickets only got us to Nairobi.
I had originally thought that the people we were going to aid were the disadvantaged and had been the ones who were attacked. As I came to learn more about the situation I began to understand that the majority of the people we were aiding were the ones who were members of the group that had actually started the conflict. The level of desperation was enough to make the area dangerous, and coupled with the anger of the men of the militia who had been embarrassed and lost face, the potential danger was raised to a whole new level. Here were heavily armed men struggling to regain respect and control because all they had was lost.