Kevin Hart Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers reserve guard was on the defense of his story after it was learned that comedian Kevin Hart told an eerily similar tale about the time a dolphin tried to kill him in similar fashion. Hart said his experience occurred in Miami and that as soon as he grabbed the dolphin’s fin, “My dolphin went straight to the bottom of the tank. He just went down.” Young made a similar claim Tuesday night, saying, “For some reason, he took me all the way to the bottom. He was trying to drown me.”
Dwyane Wade: Big thanks to my guy!!!! @mistadubb for always capturing meaningful moments in my life. This picture was taken on our wedding day an hour b4 I took that walkout to become as one with my beautiful bride @gabunion. A real brotherhood goes deeper then money,rumors,sports,fame and so on. So thanks to my brothers @kevinhart4real @kingjames @cp3 and @ud40 @chrisbosh (who is not pictured here in this photo) for coming to share this moment with me. #yalllknowkevhaduslaughing #theconvoswehadwasntforeveryone #brothers #weliveindifferentcitiesbutitsalwayslovewhenwegettogether