Kevin Johnson Rumors

Alas, all the Sacramentans’ money and Johnson’s time and effort went for naught. The union’s executive committee grew tired of his cock-of-the-walk attitude, and when Johnson saw a lack of kowtowing on their part, he left the headhunting expedition in a huff while the search was still ongoing. “He wanted to run the thing with an iron fist,” says one observer, “and when he saw he couldn’t get everything his way, he took his ball and went home.”
Kevin Johnson has ambitions of becoming something much more than just mayor of his hometown of Sacramento, Calif. So far, the former NBA star hasn’t found a way to realize them—but his desire to expand and promote his brand has meant that Sacramento city staffers have had lots of extra work to do that hasn’t had anything much to do with running the city. Thus was Johnson’s taxpayer-subsidized mayoral team put to work on his behalf last year as he tried to play kingmaker when the National Basketball Players Association was searching for a new executive director.
Kentucky coach John Calipari and four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Dikembe Mutombo are among the finalists for the Basketball Hall of Fame’s 2015 class. The Hall of Fame announced its 2015 nominees Saturday. The Class of 2015 will be announced April 6. Calipari and Mutombo are joined by longtime NBA referee Dick Bavetta, five-time NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway, three-time All-Star Kevin Johnson, three-time WNBA MVP Lisa Leslie, Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan, seven-time All-Star Jo Jo White, four-time All-Star Spencer Haywood, former NBA coach Bill Fitch and high school coaches Robert Hughes and Leta Andrews as finalists.
Advisory search committee chairman Kevin Johnson lost a power struggle with the National Basketball Players Association executive committee and will be absent on Monday when a new executive director is elected in Las Vegas, league sources told Yahoo Sports. The three candidates are Dallas Mavericks CEO Terdema Ussery, Washington D.C. attorney Michele Johnson and Dean Garfield, president and CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council, sources told Yahoo Sports. Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento and a former Phoenix Suns guard, had wanted to play a larger controlling role in the Monday meetings to present three finalists for the job, and executive committee members balked at the idea, citing U.S. Department of Labor regulations and NBPA bylaws, sources said.
Sacramento’s city council on Tuesday approved a financing plan for the NBA’s Kings franchise, clearing the way for construction on a $477 million downtown arena. The council voted 7-2 on the package during a meeting that capped the city’s lengthy struggle to keep the team from moving to Seattle a year ago. Mayor Kevin Johnson declared, “Long live the Kings,” after the final vote, and the chamber, along with team owners, erupted in cheers. “We had our backs against the wall, but we defied the odds. We made a comeback for the ages, and in doing so, I feel like we unleashed the very best that Sacramento has to offer,” said Johnson, a former three-time NBA All-Star who maintains strong connections to the league.
Johnson, enlisted a month ago to help the players union’s search, has formed a committee of outside advisers and has aggressively presented his plan and schedule to everyone involved. Every player agent was invited to attend the meeting, held at the same hotel that served as the headquarters for the pre-draft camp, and approximately 20 did so. “It was very different than anything I’ve ever seen,” said one agent. “I’m 100 percent confident KJ is going to help find someone on par with himself to lead the players association going forward.”
NBA players union advocate and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said in an e-mail to players he is done helping the National Basketball Players Association with the Donald Sterling situation and will focus on helping find a new executive director. “What a strong end to an historic week in the NBA!” Johnson wrote in the e-mail obtained by USA TODAY Sports. “We all know that the Sterling incident, in addition to grabbing headlines, was a defining moment for our league, our sport and our nation. I’m thrilled that the decision made by the Commissioner was swift and unequivocal, but moreover, I’m pleased that the players had a seat at the table as the process was unfolding. “The Commissioner listened to owners, players and the public alike to come to this important decision. As a union, we should feel good about the fact that we spoke with a strong, collective voice. I believe that this gives the organization great momentum and really positions us well for the future. I’m so proud of the strength, dignity and courage that the players showed during this ordeal. It was truly a model of how a high-functioning organization can operate.”
Kevin Johnson: At a minimum, Mr. Sterling should be suspended indefinitely, banned from games, slapped with the maximum fine possible, and forced to extract himself from basketball operations. He should be required to name someone from his executive team or family to take over all duties related to the Clippers. If the NBA takes this type of strong stand on this issue — and I have every confidence it will — it will prove to be a defining moment not just for the sport but for the entire nation. It will signal that the league is listening to its players and alum and treating them as valuable partners.