Kevin McHale Rumors

Still, Morey expressed a bit of regret about firing Kevin McHale 11 games into last season. “You don’t make a drastic move like that if you don’t think it can help turn your season around,” Morey said. “I think J.B. Bickerstaff did an incredible job for us, but we really did not turn our season around to the extent that we were hoping. I think midseason coaching changes are terrible. They’re not really good. It’s actually the first one I’ve ever done in my 15 years in the league, and we obviously felt like at the time – and I still feel like at the time with the information we had – it was a decision that I thought was the best thing. But if you know what you know at the end of the season – that we didn’t turn things around and we didn’t get a lift from the change – yeah, I think midseason coaching changes are a mistake almost always.”
They don’t call him Trader Danny for nothing. Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has swung 19 trades in the 40 months since Brad Stevens was hired in July 2013. When Ainge goes a short stretch without a move, some of the other general mangers across the league start wondering what he’s plotting. “I’m shocked he doesn’t make a trade every week,” former NBA coach and Celtics Hall of Famer Kevin McHale joked last month.
4 months ago via ESPN