Kevin McHale Rumors

“I like Kevin, I feel bad for him personally, but the rest of it? Whatever,” Cuban said. “I mean, we’ve been in a high-expectation position before. We go to the Finals, we started 0-4 [in 2006-07], and it’s ‘what’s wrong?’ and we came back to win 67 games and lose in the first round. “So I’ve said it before, the hardest thing for an NBA owner to do is hire a coach. The easiest thing to do is fire a coach. The reason it’s hard to hire a coach, coaches are great at date-face, they know exactly what your weaknesses are and they know exactly how to sell to those weaknesses, so it’s really difficult to pick it right and it’s 90 percent luck.”
“I don’t know the circumstances or the situation,” Snyder said, “but I have tremendous respect for Kevin McHale on so many levels.” And he has sympathy for the Hall of Famer’s plight. “I do know he took that team a long way last year to the Western Conference Finals. “It’s hard,” Snyder said. “We’ve been off to a slow start (6-19 last season). It reminds you of what a difficult and volatile position this is. It’s hard.”
“I thought we were going to turn it around together, Mac and the staff,” Bickerstaff told Yahoo Sports. He’s been fiercely loyal to McHale, the way McHale’s has been to him. Bernie taught J.B. the value of loyalty because that’s what he had always been in the league. McHale gave J.B. a job with the Rockets four and half years ago, along with promotions and raises, and bigger and bigger responsibilities. McHale never stopped telling people that the younger Bickerstaff deserved a chance to be a head coach in the NBA. “He did everything in his power to protect me, to protect my family,” Bickerstaff told Yahoo Sports. “He went out on a limb to support me.”
Harden emerged and had 17 of his 45 points and four of his 11 assists in the final period to help force overtime. Brewer had 13 of his 16 points in the fourth. Dwight Howard had six of his 19 rebounds. “The effort tonight was really good and we got a good team win,” Howard said. “We are all sad about the decision, but our job is to go out there and play basketball. “(McHale) was great to me. We had a good relationship. He is a great guy and it was sad for all of us.”