Kevin McHale Rumors

“I don’t want to hear this shit at all.” That’s what was going through my head. It was late in the 2011-12 season. I was with the Houston Rockets, and we were in Denver playing the Nuggets. Kevin McHale was talking to me during the game, but I don’t really remember what he said because I was tuning him out. There were a few other incidents like it that year. I remember a film session where he called me out, and I didn’t like it. Moments where my mindset became, Damn, this might not work out. McHale’s coaching style is exactly like his playing style: hard-nosed, rugged, up in your face. It’s about team, team, team, and doing whatever it takes to be the best teammate possible. He pushed each player hard to make his team the best. But I didn’t know how to interpret his style. I didn’t understand his philosophy.
McHale was then asked about the recent wave of coach firings – Brooklyn’s Lionel Hollins, Cleveland’s David Blatt, Phoenix’s Jeff Hornacek and New York’s Derek Fisher have all been sacked in the past month. “If your name’s not Gregg Popovich – rent, don’t buy,” said McHale, referring to the longtime Spurs coach. “There are so many players with so much pull inside the league … It’s just rough right now in the coaching profession.”