Kevin Pritchard Rumors

The Indiana Pacers, for example, hired Dr. Chris Carr as their Team Performance Psychologist in 2011. He has an office at the team’s practice facility, and frequently travels with the team on the road. “I think he’s a tremendous resource for all our guys,” Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard said Sunday. “At some level, everybody uses him for a sounding board, some deeper than others. We give our players full access. We talked about it early, and our players feel like it’s important, too. Not only do we give them the resource, but they have to use it.”
Al Jefferson is a man of many words, always happy to talk at length about any subject. Yet when he saw Kevin Pritchard for the first time after the Pacers stood pat at the NBA trade deadline, he only needed two. “Thank you,” Jefferson told the Pacers team president. For Jefferson, two little words carried a whole lot of meaning. Thank you for keeping me in this locker room I love. Thank you for not dealing away any of my friends. Thank you for believing this team can continue to defy expectations.
The 33-year-old big man, part of more than a couple deadline day rumors, did not feel it was his place to make that sort of request. He also had enough faith in Pritchard to know he didn’t have to. “I wasn’t one of the (six),” Jefferson said amid an buoyant Pacers locker room after their 121-113 win over the Knicks. “They’re always going to do what’s best for the team, so I never tried to get involved in that trade stuff, even though I know I could have gone to KP, because we have a great relationship. But KP, I know he’s smart enough to see what we have.”
Kevin Pritchard on the Paul George trade: (Oklahoma GM) Sam Presti is a really good friend of mine. We’ve worked together. Where I got the most heat and truth was I played a couple of years of high school basketball in Oklahoma and my ex-teammates were sending me OKC police tweets and all of that kind of stuff, I favorited the tweet about a couple of weeks ago. It was a little wink back to my buddies, it wasn’t a wink back to Oklahoma City, it was to my buddies. It was funny. I called Sam after that and said, ‘That was to my buddies, that wasn’t to you guys.’ He laughed about it. I think it was a win-win in terms of the trade. Paul is at a place where he has a chance to compete at the highest level against some of the best teams and for us we hit a little bit of the reset button, but Victor (Oladipo) has been at the very least super special for us and somebody we can really build around. Domas is like Hoosier basketball. He’s a lunch pale, hard hat kind of guy. We love that. That’s exactly what we want. What we forget about Domas is that he’s 21 years old. Him and Myles are the same age. As they grow together…”