Kevin Ware Rumors

Other players have suffered serious injuries like Bronson Kessinger or Paul George. When you see something like that, I’m guessing you’re feeling it much more than somebody that hasn’t been through that. Like some kind of connection with that person. Kevin Ware: Definitely. When Paul George suffered his injury, I was one of the first people he reached out to, to ask me about the whole process. That was kind of like ‘Wow, somebody I look up to, one of my favorite players, reached out to me’. That was a dream come true when you think about it. You’re a kid in college and you just have to appreciate it.
How many times have you watched the play? Kevin Ware: I saw it once like two years ago… And that was it, I didn’t need to see any more after that. In which ways has this injury changed you as a person. KW: You know… Basketball was all I had at the time, all I did growing up was playing basketball, and because of that injury, not being able to play for 8-9 months, just sitting there and only watching games, it was like ‘Damn’… Everybody had to help you with something, you can’t even walk yourself… You can’t even eat some stuff, drive or anything. What I mean is that process makes you appreciate things a lot more.
Former Louisville guard Kevin Ware, who left the Cardinals last month, is heading to Georgia State. Ware, a 6-foot-2 shooting guard, announced he was departing Louisville in late March, one year after he suffered a gruesome broken leg against Duke in the 2013 Elite Eight. He injured his right leg again in December, and is seeking a medical redshirt after playing just nine games this season. As soon as the news broke, Auburn and Georgia State seemed to be the primary options, as they are closer to Ware’s family in Atlanta.